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Blaizenoak & Cranmil Miniature Schnauzers

Breeding for Quality, Health & Temperament .

Specialist Grooming Services Available


 We are located in the South East Suburbs, Victoria, Australia.


I offer professional grooming services for your Schnauzers either in my home or yours. Not all commercial groomers know the correct way to groom a schnauzer and sadly even a well bred dog can end up looking very ordinary (sometimes even quite awful) when groomed badly or incorrectly. I put the same effort into grooming your precious pet schnauzer as i would grooming my show dogs. I am kind, gentle and take my time to ensure your pet has a good grooming experience. You are most welcome to watch the entire process if you wish.

Please feel free to email me to arrange grooming 


They say that immitation is the greatest form of flattery...

I find it a little sad that i have to make mention of copyright on the front page of my website but the theft of the photographs and breed information shown on my website has been a concern of late. Please note that i am the original writer of all information on my website and any parts taken from books have been referenced accordingly. All photographs on this website are my own. If you see the same information or the same photographs anywhere else then they have been stolen and i would appreciate you letting me know.There have been instances when a backyard breeder was selling puppies through the gumtree website and they used our kennel prefix in order to give themselves credibility. There have been further incidences of unscrupulous breeders selling puppies on trading post online using photographs of my puppies. Please note that i never use gumtree, trading post or any other online trading website. The only place that you will see a puppy advertisement for me is on this website, through the Schnauzer Club of Victoria or which is the number one website for purebred dogs in Australia.

Blaizenoak Desert Wind "Micah" with Dr Chris Brown

Fnl Ch, Lv Ch & Est Ch Tmavi Knir Samum (Imp Fnl)

One of my hobbies is taking photographs of my beautiful puppies and adult dogs. I take photo's of them at every opportunity and in various locations. Throughout this website i aim to share them with you. On everypage you will find lots of lovely photo's of my dogs and dogs bred by me. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as i enjoy taking them!

The aim of this website is to educate and inform people about the wonderful breed known as the Miniature Schnauzer.

Please ensure that you read all information provided before committing to a purchase of a Miniature Schnauzer from any breeder!

It is imperative to be wellinformed when looking for a family pet that may be with you for up to 17 years!

Throughout this website i am to give you plently of information about myself as a breeder, my dogs, my puppies and the way i care for my dogs and puppies but most importantly i try to provide a lot of detailed breed information as well as information on puppy training and care.

The main aim of this website is to educate and inform. I feel honored to have received many lovely emails and telephone calls from people who appreciate the care and information contained within my website. Even people who are not interested in the Miniature Schnauzer will find lots of useful information.

The information on this websites provides most of the information needed to guide you through the process of:

· Deciding are you ready for a puppy?

· How to prepare for a puppy

· How to choose your Puppy.

· Researching the Miniature Schnauzer as a breed.

· Deciding if the Miniature Schnauzer is the breed that you want.

· How to choose your Breeder.

· Surviving puppyhood.

· Training Information

Aust Ch Blaizenoak Indian Summer "Cheyenne"