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Blaizenoak & Cranmil Miniature Schnauzers

Breeding for Quality, Health & Temperament .

Specialist Grooming Services Available

"Blaizenoak Whirl Wind" 

(Grace's Black & Silver Daughter 'Eden' at 8 wks)


I pride myself on breeding excellent quality puppies from excellent quality breeding stock. First and foremost when i breed a litter of puppies it is for me to keep a new puppy. I breed a litter for myself and i sell the puppies that i do not wish to keep. It is for this reason that no puppy buyer will ever receive first choice of an entire litter of my puppies. I always have first choice to select my next show dog and newest family member.

One thing that i believe sets me apart from some breeders is the time and quality of care that i put into my puppies.

The crucial socialisation period for puppies is the first sixteen weeks of their life! During this crucial first 16 weeks, puppies have many experiences that will shape the temperament of the adult that they will become.

As you can see, we as breeders have a big responsibility to ensure that during the first 8 weeks of the pups lives, they get to see, touch, hear, smell, interact with and genreally experience a wide range of situations to assist with this socialisation.

Naturally until the pups are 8 weeks old they are restricted to my property (for vaccination reasons) however this does not stop me from ensuring that they experience a wide range of interactions. As you can see from the picture above, my German Shepherd "Sky" loves baby sitting duties and she has the important job of acclimitsiing my pups to big dogs!

I pride myself on producing very outgoing, healthy and happy pups.

My pups are well on the way to being toilet trained by the time that i send them to their new homes. Many people ring me up and tell me that their pup is already asking to go out to the toilet within less than a week! The majority of my pups have no more than 3 'little accidents' in the house before they learn to go to the toilet outside. Obviously it is up to the new owner to continue the training that i begin.

When the pups get older i have them outside a lot (weather permitting) so they are used to going in a kennel and playing on grass and other outdoor surfaces. By playing outside they also get used to the sights, sounds and smells of the big wide world.

A Pepper & Salt Pup having a cuddle

If my pups are not playing out in the sun on the grass then they will likley be running around my house with me! None of my pups ever have or ever will be raised out in a back shed! I will also never have too many pups at one time so that i cannot give them the time or attention that they deserve!

Whether they are in the house or outside , i have a "Puppy Obstacle Course" to keep the pups entertained. This invloves tunnels to run through, little tables and things that they crawl on, through and under. As well as this they have a plentiful array of toys, fresh bones and chew bones. They also have small kennels and beds to sleep on. All these toys and activity obstacles teach the pups to think, problem solve and be bold and outgoing.

So as you can see, no expense is spared to ensure that my pups have every comfort. After all, the conditions that they live in as pups that strongly impacts on whether they grow up confident, outgoing and clean (easy to toilet train). Since i predominantly breed so that i can keep my next puppy it is in my best interests (and yours) that i raise the litter with the utmost care and effort.

I ensure that all of my pups are very well handled, get lots of stimulation and are well socialised by the time that they go home.

I also organise some "Puppy Play Days" where i invite people who have put a deposit on a pup to come and have a play with their puppy and watch how they are growing up. This a great opportunity for you to bond with your puppy (and meet other puppy buyers) and further encourages your pups to be confident and bold when meeting new people.

I put a lot of time and effort into my pups and feed them top quality food.

It is all these extra little things that really make a difference when one of my puppies goes to their new home.

I have sold some pups interstate and the new owners have marvelled at how well the pup has travel and how quickly they settle in to their new home.

A litter of pups sired by "Pete" and the mother is "Summer". Cheyenne is pictured 3rd from the left at 5 weeks of age.