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Blaizenoak & Cranmil Miniature Schnauzers

Breeding for Quality, Health & Temperament .

Specialist Grooming Services Available



(A Pepper & Salt Dog Pup Pictured at 6 mths)  

  Before you bring your puppy home, I highly reccomend that you read Dr Ian Dunbar's book 'Before You Get Your Puppy'. Dr Dunbar is a world renowned dog trainer and this short book is an invaluable guide to new puppy owners. This book can be DOWNLOADED FOR FREE by clicking on this link: 


 The decision to buy a puppy of any breed is a huge decision that will change your life in many different ways. Suddenly you will inherit a new member of the family whose needs will have to be taken into consideration in everything.

The question is:

Are you ready for this commitment?

To ascertain this you need to ask yourself a number of questions. We want you to be positive that you are ready to welcome a puppy into your life BEFORE you buy a pup.

  •   Will a dog fit in with your lifestyle and commitments?
  • · Will you have time to walk and groom your dog on a regular basis?
  • · Do you have a secure area for your dog to avoid it wandering or escaping?
  • · Can you afford the cost of raising a puppy? i.e. vet bills, regular clipping, council registration etc
  • · Do you have time to supervise young children with the pup and teach them how to care for the pup correctly?
  • · Will you devote lot of time within the first 8 weeks of owning your pup to socialise your pup to ensure it grows into a well-rounded adult?
  • · If you don’t have children (but plan to in the future), do you have the time to socialise your dog around children in readiness for when you have children?
  • · Will you be patient with your pup as it grows through its cheeky chewy & biting stage and toilet training?
  • · Do you realise that a puppy is not a just for birthday’s or Christmas but for anything up to 17 years?

It is important to get the 'boring but important' information out of the way first to ascertain that you are ready to own a pup.

Just because you work full time this does not mean that you cannot have the pleasure of owning a dog. However you will have to make plans for someone to feed your pup lunch whilst you are at work. Many full-time working couple’s and single people have successfully raised a pup.

If you have decided that you are ready for a pup then now all you need to do is decide on a breed. My aim is not to convince you to buy a Miniature Schnauzer. In fact i advise you to investigate many different breeds that you may be interested in.

Naturally I am not in a position to give you information all all different breeds however you can easily gain this information through the Victorian Canine Association so check out their website at or alternatively you could research different breeds on the internet or borrow dog books from your local library.

I have endeavored to give you as much support and information as possible however if you have not owned a puppy before you are bound to have more questions to ask and thus i encourage you to call me at any time if you need any help.

Grace Pictured at 7 wks)

Baby Hayley


There are some important things that you need to understand about puppies:

When pups are living in the litter they play and roughhouse with each other on and off all day. They bite, chew on each other and chase each other around. When you take your puppy home it is a huge adjustment for him or her because he or she no longer has brothers and sisters to play with. Because of this they will try to use you as a substitute.

You may find your puppy “chews” on your fingers and toes, snaps at your feet and latches onto your trousers or socks as you walk along. People sometimes refer to these behaviors as their puppy “biting”. Please be aware that the most of the time they are just teething and the pup is merely using you as as a subsitute for the litter mates.

Your pup also may try to steal your socks and slippers because they smell like you - so dont leave them within reach!

It is a very fun and rewarding time, watching your pup grow up but the teething stage can also be frustrating. You may want to be able to pick your gorgeous little puppy up in your arms and give it a cuddle but this can be very difficult if the pup just wants to bite your nose or pull on your hair!

I feel it important to stress just how cheeky and mischievous young pups can be and this can often be annoying, frustrating, tiring . . . and sometimes painful if they grab hold of you with their sharp little puppy teeth!

 I loathe to use the word 'naughty' when describing this behavior because at this young age they are not being naughty at all because they quite simply do not know that it is wrong to nip your nose when you are giving them a cuddle! If a puppy doesn’t know that something is wrong then clearly it cannot be being deliberately naughty.

Some tips for surviving puppy hood are to have plenty of toys, fresh bones and chew bones to make available to your pup to chew on. Stuffed Kong’s are also good to keep your pup occupied and on hot day you can stuff a Kong and give it to your pup frozen as a treat or to replace your pup’s meal.

I will give you more tips on surviving puppy hood with the “instruction manual” that I will give you when you purchase your pup.

These early stages with your pup can also be a very difficult time if you have children (particularly young children) as pups have needle sharp teeth which can hurt if they latch on to a young child hand. Children tend to excite puppies a lot by their rapid movements and high-pitched voices which further exacerbate the chewing behavior.


ACTIVELY Supervise young children around your puppy or adult dog at all times!

QUIET TIME is also very important. Your pups or adult dogs need a place where you can put them to rest away from any children i.e laundry or a crate.

I want you to be aware of the challenges involved in raising a puppy before you commit to a purchase. If you don’t believe that you could cope with or have the time to deal with a young puppy then perhaps you may wish to consider adopting an adult MS. Some breeders chose to re-home some of their dogs after they have finished breeding with them and you may be able to find an adult dog this way. Alternatively contact the Schnauzer Club of Victoria for details of any Rescue Dogs available.

"Star" (Peeking out from an Esky Bag!)


People often ask me what is the difference between a male and a female pup and how do I decide which to buy?

I personally have a soft spot in my heart for boys. Some say that boys are more devoted however I believe that female pups are also very devoted. Boys can perhaps be slightly more “clingy” in some cases and girls may be slightly more independent but again this depends on the dogs individual personalities.

Yes, dogs and pups are born with very individual personalities. Some are softer, gentler and more submissive. Some may be very bold and outgoing, cheeky and mischievous. Some may be more active than others. Some males can be more dominant than other males and thus need to be de-sexed very early. Some dogs are more people orientated than dog orientated and as a result would rather play with people than another dog; on the other hand some are very social and are happiest when they are either with their owner or playing with another dog. The breed description suggests that the breed can be “wary of strangers, offering devotion only to their owners” but again this differs between each dog.

So as you can see we cannot pinpoint these various personalities to either a male or a female pup.

If you de-sex your male pup before he starts to cock his leg then there is little difference between a male or a female dog in temperament.

You may find males easier to buy than females because as a general rule there are more boys born in a litter than girls. Also breeders are more likely to retain girls to breed from.

If you are after a particular colour such as black or Black & silver then it is a lot easier to buy a male than a female as females are much sought after as show and breeding dogs. 


Pups can be purchased from the newspapers and pet shops from $700 to $1,500 for unregistered and / or CROSSBRED Mini Schnauzers. In fact many of these breeders do not even have both parents on show so you cannot know if they are purebred or not.

Even more importantly 99 % of these dogs are NOT EYE TESTED! That means that the breeder does have not have a clear eye test certificate for their dogs to prove that they have no hereditary or genetic eye problems.

The SCOV has had to rescue dogs that were used for “backyard breeding”. These dogs were kept in appalling conditions by their owners who thought of nothing more than making money from the sale of pups. These dogs are usually located in the country and used to breed pups that are then sent to a third party to sell either in a pet shop or advertised in the newspaper. Many of these rescued dogs had to be destroyed because of health problems. Some were blind, had cataracts in both eyes, had skin conditions and some were pregnant whilst in this condition!

Next time you see a cute little puppy in a pet shop please consider the conditions that these pups may have been bred in and the health problems that the mother and father may have without you being aware of it! If you can’t see the mum and dad and if they have not had their eyes tested then DO NOT BUY!

All VCA registered breeders are bound by a code of ethics that if broken would have serious consequences.

If you decide to buy a pup from us or any other reputable VCA registered breeder, you are ensuring your peace of mind.

You can phone us at ANY TIME with any queries, questions or support.

Should you (for whatever reason) decide not to buy a pup from us or if we have no pups available please ensure that:


Meet the Puppy Bean Bag Gang!