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Blaizenoak & Cranmil Miniature Schnauzers

Breeding for Quality, Health & Temperament .

Specialist Grooming Services Available


 Before we look at some photo's of the home of my Miniature Schnauzers i would to explain a little more about who we are.

In the dog fraternity breeders sometimes refer to themselves as a 'kennel'. Sometimes we may be referred to 'Blaizenoak Kennels' however please be aware that in no way does this imply that we are a 'kennel' in the true sense of the word. As far as i am concerned the only kennel on our property is the dog houses / kennels in which our dogs enjoy having a snooze in.

Our dogs do not live in a 'kennel' environment - They live in our home and yard much like your pet Schnauzer will. In fact, we dont even have any dog pens or runs on our property with the exception of one which we put our German Shepherd (Sky) in when we have visitors (because not everyone likes to be smothered by a very large and hairy German Shepherd). 

To breed registered puppies in Victoria you must register a unique kennel prefix with Dogs VIctoria. Blaizenoak is the name of my kennel prefix. The kennel prefix appears at the beginning of the name of all puppies bred by an individual so that people will know who has bred them. All of my puppies have names that are prefixed with the word 'Blaizenoak'. Blaizenoak Kennels is not a physical place but rather refers to the collection of dogs bred by myself.

I must clarify one very important thing - I am not a commercial breeding establishment! Like any reputable breeder, i am a dedicated Miniature Schnauzer enthusiast and hobby breeder. We love the breed and strive to improve the breed in Australia through selective breeding, selling whichever puppies that we do not keep as pets and occassionally as show puppies.

Hobby breeders should be invloved in the dog world in some form of another. They should be an ACTIVE MEMBER of a local breed club (in our case the Schnauzer Club of Victoria) and attend meetings and club functions. A good hobby breeder will be involved in a dog sport of some sort whether it be performance or conformation. Some hobby breeders eventually retire from formal competitions however they should still be supporting their local breed club and perhaps attend the local obedience club.

When you come to visit me and see my dogs you are being invited into my home and into my family's life. Because of this i will only invite people to come and see my dogs when i actually have puppies available. I am not open to the general public to view my dogs simply because you want to see what a Miniature Schnauzer looks like in 'real life'. I get at least ten request from people wishing to come and visit me and my dogs everyweek and whilst i am very flattered this is simply not possible. i simply explain to people that i spend the weekends with my dogs at dog shows and other activities so it is not possible for me to accommodate multiple requests to come for a visit unless i actually have puppies available. I suggest to people that they come and visit with me at a local dog show where i am more than happy to chat with people and let them interact with my puppies and adult dogs. Coming to a dog show also gives you a great opportunity to meet other breeders of Miniature Schnauzers and many other breeds also.

I hope that you enjoy the following photos of our property and it gives you an idea of the happy life that our dogs lead.